Thursday, 23 October 2014

Who Remembers Supergirl?

[The one about a controversial hoodie]

Helen Slater as Supergirl [1984]

Today I am wearing my super hero hoodie. I love it. It provides both physical warmth and inner strength with its iconic bright blue, yellow and red colours. When I wear my hoodie I am empowered. I walk down the street and women quietly smile at me. Girls stare in awe. On the flipside of things little boys and grown men stop me in the street and say things like “Hey! You’re a girl. Why are you wearing a Superman jumper?” “Shouldn’t you be wearing a Wonder Woman top?” “Hey, it’s Superman!” comments such as this make me feel like I’ve accidentally wandered into the men’s toilet [and believe me I know, as in a desperate moment I have actually done that]. It’s as though by wearing this one garment I’m defying the imaginary laws of gender.
Now don’t get me wrong. I love Superman. One of many highlights of my 80s childhood was watching Christopher Reeves play Superman, opposite Margot Kidder on the silver screen. Another important highlight was seeing Supergirl come to life in the form of Helen Slater. The much slated [Yeah, yeah! I’m a terrible one for puns] Supergirl film moved me because there was an example of a girl-woman taking control of her life and becoming a peaceful and powerful person. Plus she could fly and wear a cape, how cool was that!
Supergirl shouldered responsibility and saved the world without the interference/help [depending on how you want to look at it] of a man. Not even her cousin, Superman was around to patronise her. And even though, along the way, there were men treating Supergirl as a sexual plaything, she stood her ground and pushed back.
But that was then [1984] and this is now [2014] and okay, so maybe not everyone is going to remember Helen Slater’s Supergirl. Surely though with Supergirl appearing in other more recent television programs, she would not have fallen completely into a pop cultural black hole. Or did she?
At the end of it all a thought will continue to badger this girl-woman. Why after all this time will some guys feel the need to question my right to wear a symbol of power and strength? Let’s face it, that’s at the core of this hoodie pickle. I feel like they’re telling me that the super symbol does not belong on a female.
I may never understand the psychology behind this gender stuff. But no matter how many times I am stopped in the street by the opposite sex I will continue to wear my super hoodie till there’s nothing left of it. If nothing else I want my daughters to believe that Supergirl exists and that she belongs in that hoodie.

Friday, 17 October 2014

I Opened My Mailbox

… and was pleasantly surprised.
You've Got Mail

    In a time when people send emails, text message, PM, Skype, 'like', 'unlike', 'block' and ignore, it comes as a sweet surprise when I open the mailbox and find an actual… yes, an actual… letter.
    It came from the winner of my recent giveaway. It really doesn't take much to make my day and a letter from overseas can pretty much do it for me. Thank you Donna!
    A message that can be touched, smelt, has texture, and you know was actually written on and handled by the recipient. A physical letter is a powerful thing to hold. I happen to feel the same way about books. I've given electronic books a go, but I prefer picking up a paper book. I feel like I'm absorbing more detail off paper - the connection is stronger there, I think.


Thank Goodness For Good Things

    I am always busy with something. I don't like being idyll for long periods. Thank goodness for paint brushes, water colour paints, and my Wacom tablet.
Melissa Gaggiano illustration

Melissa Gaggiano illustration

Melissa Gaggiano illustration

Melissa Gaggiano illustration

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Block It In

    Excited much!* I will have a stall, selling my dolls, at the South Sea Roller Derby double hitter. Check out all the pertinent details...

South Sea Roller Derby
* Buffy speak

Auto-Correct Humanity

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." 
~ Ferris Bueller

"So put away the G.D. cell phone and talk to the person who is actually in front of you."
~ me

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Magic in a Bottle

Photo Link
    I love those little vials of magic potions that get thrown about in the television series Charmed. It would be a dream to have one of those sleepy time vials on hand for when I am much too wired and need to sleep. One can only wish, or at least be satisfied with Sleepy Time tea.

    So I was plenty excited when I found a packet of vials in the local $2 complete with corks. I snapped up those vials and quite simply for the fun of it began filling up those corks with fun things - glitter and a handmade treasure map.
Treasure map by Melissa Gaggiano

    You can have a ton of fun with these vials. Put any ingredients you want into them. Though it might be preferable to use things that aren't likely to rot or disintegrate anytime soon. Try sand, beads, minerals, glitter, paper, shells and feathers even [if small enough]. These decorated vials can make easy and fun homemade presents for people. Consider tying ribbon around the vial necks and making necklaces. You can get lots of ideas for vial decorating at this Pinterest link.

Melissa Gaggiano Photography

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Take Me Back, Thursday

Loved the music of the 80s. Here's my little throw back to my childhood era…