Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Poetic Apron

    I am a lucky girl this week. Why? Because a lovely lady, by the name of Donna, [all the way over in Virginia, US of A] kindly offered to make me an apron. How did this happen, you may ask? Well it's kind of a windy story, but here goes [the short of the long of it]...
Donna is friends with Candice.
I am becoming friends with Candice.
Donna made an apron for Candice.
Candice is proud as punch of her special apron.
Candice blogs about lovely apron.
I see photos of apron - love it!
I leave nice comment about apron.
Donna sees comment and offers to make me an apron.
Apron arrives, now I am wearing the apron.

    Now this is no ordinary apron. It is an apron with mystery - it is a poetry apron. You see there is a special pocket especially sewn for the storage of poems. And when I unfolded my apron it already had a piece of poetry waiting to be read.

    Thank you Donna! The apron is awesome and it brings out my inner country girl.

    When Donna isn't sewing aprons and reading poetry, she is also creating quaint photography with a country and vintage vibe. You can check out her work at:

    And if you'd like to see where this all began, visit Candice's blog: